Published: 2014-11-30

Natural recovery of the evergreen forest affected by clearcutting and burning in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, Chile

Mario Romero-Mieres, Mauro E González, Antonio Lara


Presence, abundance and associability of Citronella mucronata in secondary forests dominated by Nothofagus obliqua in the foothills of Curicó, Maule Region, Chile

Patricio Corvalán, Mauricio Galleguillos, Jaime Hernández


Dissolved organic carbon in water fluxes of Eucalyptus grandis plantations in northeastern Entre Ríos Province, Argentina

Natalia Tesón, Víctor H Conzonno, Marcelo F Arturi, Jorge L Frangi


multi-criteria model for mapping ecosystem services in forested watersheds, southern Chile

Carlos Esse, Paulo Valdivia, Francisco Encina-Montoya, Carlos Aguayo, Marcela Guerrero, David Figueroa


Cultural practices in the nursery that affect seedling quality of Enterolobium cyclocarpum

Erickson Basave Villalobos, Miguel Á López López, Víctor M Cetina Alcalá, Arnulfo Aldrete, Juan J Almaraz Suárez


Firewood extraction affects carbon pools and nutrients in remnant fragments of temperate forests at the Mexican Transvolcanic Belt

Felipe García-Oliva, Sara Covaleda, Juan F Gallardo, Christian Prat, Rodrigo Velázquez-Durán, Jorge D Etchevers


Evaluation of the environmental quality of a protected riparian forest in Southern Brazil

Márcia Isabel Käffer, Suzana Maria de Azevedo Martins


Vegetative propagation of mature dragon trees through epicormic shoots

Carlos A Stuepp, Katia C Zuffellato-Ribas, Ivar Wendling, Henrique S Koehler, Cleusa Bona


Tree species community spatial structure in a terra firme Amazon forest, Brazil

Kátia Emidio da Silva, Sebastião Venâncio Martins, Marie Josée Fortin, Milton Cezar Ribeiro, Celso Paulo de Azevedo, Carlos Antonio Álvares Soares Ribeiro, Nerilson Terra Santos


Cattle browsing on Nothofagus antarctica saplings in Chubut province, Argentina, related to stocking rate and plant height

Daniela C Echevarría, Axel R von Müller, Nidia E Hansen, José O Bava


Selecting diametric frequency distribution functions for Pinus taeda, Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus dunnii in Uruguay

Andrés Hirigoyen, Cecilia Rachid


Natural regeneration in a restored bauxite mine in southeast Brazil

Aurino Miranda Neto, Sebastião Venâncio Martins, Kelly de Almeida Silva, Aldo Teixeira Lopes, Raul de Abreu Demolinari


Interactions between wood-rotting fungi (Agaricomycetes) and native and exotic trees from an urban ecosystem (Córdoba, Argentina)

Federico Heredia, Guillermo Morera, Gerardo Robledo, Luciano Cagnolo, Carlos Urcelay


System design of wildfire detection towers

Gonzalo Tapia, Miguel Castillo


Introduction to the Special Section of Journal Bosque. Progress towards a long-term ecological studies network in southwestern South America

Juan J Armesto, Mariela Núñez-Ávila, Pablo Donoso, Ricardo Rozzi


The International Long Term Ecological Research (ILTER) network after 20 years since its creation: advances and challenges

Manuel Maass, Miguel Equihua


Long term socio-ecological research of the three LTSER-Chile founder sites: challenges and opportunities for future research

Aurora Gaxiola, Juan Luis Celis-Diez, Ricardo Rozzi, Julio Gutiérrez


Life cycles of freshwater invertebrates and global climate change in the sub-Antarctic Magellanicecoregion: long-term ecological research at the Omora Ethonobotanical Park, Biosphere Reserve Cape Horn (55° S)

Tamara Contador, James Kennedy, Jaime Ojeda, Peter Feinsinger, Ricardo Rozzi


Field environmental philosophy: ecology and ethics in LTSER-Chile and ILTER networks

Ricardo Rozzi, Francisca Massardo, Tamara Contador, Ramiro D Crego, Manuela Méndez, Rajan Rijal, Lohengrin A Cavieres, Jaime E Jiménez


The Inquiry Cycle: a research methodology for applied and basic ecology at sites of Chilean long-term socio-ecological studies, and beyond

Peter Feinsinger


Preliminary proposal to incorporate new sites for long-term socio-ecological research into the Chilean LTSER network

Pablo J Donoso, Jennifer C Zavaleta


Strategic plan to consolidate the Chilean Long-Term Socio-ecological Research Network

Mariela Núñez-Ávila, Cristian Frêne, Juan J Armesto