Published: 2017-12-05

Proposal of an index for functional diversity. Application to a microphyll semi-deciduous forest in eastern Cuba

Arturo Salmerón López, Gretel Geada López, María del Carmen Fagilde Espinoza


First presence records of Nothofagus nitida (Nothofagaceae) in Argentina and estimation of its potential distribution area

Paula Mathiasen, Félix Vidoz, Sebastián Valle, Valeria S Ojeda, María Cristina Acosta, Silvina Ippi, Gerardo A Cerón, Andrea C Premoli


Effects of some watershed characteristics on water yield in the West Black Sea Region of northern Turkey

Hayati Zengin, Mehmet Özcan, Ahmet Salih Değermenci, Tarık Çitgez


Climatic oscillations in the production of Eucalyptus benthamii x E. dunnii shoots in mini-clonal hedge

Patrícia Pereira Pires, Ivar Wendling, Anderson Marcos de Souza, Alexandre Siqueira Guedes Coelho


Spatial congruence between biodiversity and ecosystem services in a forest landscape in southern Chile: basis for conservation planning

James Rodríguez-Echeverry, Cristian Echeverría, Carlos Oyarzún, Luis Morales


Responses of Eucalyptus benthamii seedlings to the application of the organic fertilizer Bacsol

Pedro Henrique Riboldi Monteiro, Etienne Winagraski, Glaciela Kaschuk, Sérgio Gaiad, Renato Marques, Celso Garcia Auer


Stocking and yield potential of three different logging systems in a shelterwood cut of Nothofagus pumilio forest

Juan Manuel Cellini, Guillermo Martínez-Pastur, Carlos Spagarino, Pablo Luis Peri, Ricardo Vukasovic


Production of briquettes with Jatropha curcas shell and sugar cane bagasse

Walter Danilo Maradiaga Rodriguez, Adão Wagner Evangelista, Carlos R Sette Jr, José Alves Júnior, Macksuel Fernandes da Silva


Temporal changes in tree community structure and richness in a seasonally dry tropical forest in Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil

Paola F Santos, Paulo O Garcia, Rubens M Santos, Jean D Morel, Matheus H Benício, Deborah M Apgaua, David Y Tng


Taper equations based on nonlinear mixed effect modeling approach for Pinus nigra in Çankırı forests

Muammer Şenyurt, İlker Ercanli, Ferhat Bolat


Perspectives of key stakeholders on the bi-national agreement between Argentina and Chile concerning the eradication of North American beavers and the restoration of affected ecosystems

Christopher B Anderson, Catherine Roulier, J Cristóbal Pizarro


Spatial modeling of forest fires in Mexico: an integration of two data sources

José Manuel Zúñiga-Vásquez, Darío Cisneros-González, Marín Pompa-García, Dante Arturo Rodríguez-Trejo, Gustavo Pérez-Verdín


Predictive dispersal models of Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in coffee plantations with different uses of adjacent soil in Turrialba, Costa Rica

Karime Montes Escobar, Carlos Salas Macías, Guillermo Rogel Zambrano