Published: 2022-07-01

Weed suppression by forage legumes in silvopastoral systems and its effect on soil chemical characteristics

Sidnei Roberto de Marchi, Ricardo Fagundes Marques, Maria Renata Rocha Pereira, Dagoberto Martins


The water-retaining polymer improves the seedlings quality of native forest species in a nursery

Júlia Luiza Stahl, Maristela Machado Araujo, Adriana Maria Griebeler, Felipe Turchetto, Ulysses Oliveira dos Santos Correa


Species diversity in the soil seed bank is higher for young forests than for mature forests in the Subtropical Atlantic Forest

Samara Welter Duarte, João Paulo de Maçaneiro, Tatiele Anete Bergamo Fenilli, Lauri Amândio Schorn


Insecticide activity of Copaifera langsdorffii oil in Aphis craccivora (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Camila Guisse Pereira, Laura Araujo Sanches, Guilherme Timo Mascarenhas, Juliana Garlet, Muriel Da Silva Folli-Pereira


Water regime and substrate influence the growth of Eugenia uniflora seedlings

Felipe Turchetto, Adriana Maria Griebeler, Maristela Machado Araujo, Jessé Caletti Mezzomo, Bruno de Andrade Cavalheiro, Suelen Carpenedo Aimi