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BOSQUE is published by the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Natural ResourcesAustral University of Chile. It publishes original works related to forests; the management and production of forest resources, wood science and technology, silviculture, forest ecology, conservation of natural resources and rural development associated with forest ecosystems. Contributions may be in the form of articles, reviews, notes, or opinions, in Spanish or English.


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Vol. 44 No. 1 (2023)

Published: 2023-05-22

Permanent monitoring of native forests in the protected areas of Chile: an urgent need

Christian Salas-Eljatib, Rodrigo Vargas-Gaete, Daniel P Soto, Pablo J Donoso


Evaluation of pre-germination treatments in Prosopis caldenia seeds

Marco Jesús Utello, Juan Carlos Tarico, Marcela Alejandra Demaestri, José Omar Plevich


Determining plant species diversity of Scots pine stands in the Bolu Aladağ region of Türkiye

Mustafa Gürkan, Hayati Zengin, Mehmet Özcan, Ahmet Salih Değermenci, Necmi Aksoy


Impacts of severe wildfires in the protected wilderness areas of central Chile

Jorge Faúndez Pinilla, Miguel Castillo Soto, Rafael M Navarro Cerrillo


In vitro seed germination, micropropagation and germplasm conservation of Cedrela odorata (Meliaceae) in northern Peru

Guillermo E Delgado-Paredes, Cecilia Vásquez-Díaz, Boris Esquerre-Ibañez, Felipe Zuñe-da Silva, Pilar Bazán-Sernaqué, Consuelo Rojas-Idrogo


A local height-diameter model with mixed-effects for Abies religiosa in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Vidal Guerra-De la Cruz, Jonathan Hernández-Ramos, Enrique Buendía-Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Tamarit-Urias, Fabián Islas-Gutiérrez


Mycorhizae and Salicaceae: What we have learned from 2010-2020 and what comes next

Damián Aperlo, Hernán Schrohn, Natalia Fernández, María Cecilia Mestre


Relevant scientific information for management and conservation of the Pewen biocultural ecosystem in Chile and Argentina

Ignacio A Mundo, Carlos Zamorano-Elgueta, María E Salgado Salomón, María L Vélez, Karina Speziale, John D Shepherd, Oscar Skewes, María A. Relva, Paulina Puchi, Aníbal Pauchard, Martín A Nuñez, Javier Sanguinetti, Paula Marchelli, Sergio A Lambertucci, Ana Ladio, J Tomás Ibarra, Mauro E González, Leonardo Gallo, Martín A Hadad, Sergio R Donoso Calderón, Rebecca S Ditgen


Seedling bank with deferred growth as an alternative for the continuous production of lenga plants in the nursery

María Marta Azpilicueta, Alejandro Gabriel Aparicio, Víctor Mondino, Mario Juan Pastorino


Planting native forest species in northern Patagonian woodlands: response to canopy opening in contrasting sites

Marcos E Nacif, Matías G Goldenberg, Facundo J Oddi, Mario J Pastorino, Alejandro G Aparicio, Lucas A Garibaldi


Radial growth response to long-term thinning strategies in Nothofagus pumilio forests of Tierra del Fuego

Julián Rodríguez-Souilla, Juan M Cellini, Fidel A Roig, María V Lencinas, Jimena E Chaves, Dardo Paredes, Martin Parodi, Santiago Favoretti, Pablo L Peri, Guillermo J Martínez Pastur


Forest Management with Integrated Livestock in Argentine Patagonia: methodological adjustment for determining the baseline in complex ecosystems and heterogeneous landscapes

Fernando Raffo, Pablo Luis Peri, Hernán Hernández, Fabio Trinco, Axel Von Müller, Claudia Pamela Quinteros, Mariano Martín Amoroso, María Valeria Aramayo, Leonardo Luis Claps, Laura Beatriz Borrelli, Santiago Varela, Fernando Javier Umaña, Daniel Alejandro Castillo, Clara María Fariña, Andrea Karina Cancino, Andrea Cardozo, Natalia Furlan, Pablo Valiña, Juan Ignacio Gazotti, Juan Pablo Diez


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