¿Los modelos de mini túnel influyen en la productividad de las minicepas de eucalipto?

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Mini-cutting is the most common commercially used clonal propagation method in Brazil. However, several environmental interferences can impact this process, hindering the production of propagules. Mini-tunnel have been used to overcome these difficulties, allowing for an increase in the productivity of mini-stumps and the rooting of mini-cuttings. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of mini-tunnel models on the mini-stump productivity of two hybrid eucalyptus clones over two seasons. The study was conducted in the seedling nursery of a forestry company located in Alto Vale do Jequitinhonha, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Three models of the mini-tunnel were used: mini-tunnel 35 cm, 55 cm, 55 cm tubular, and without cover (control) over two seasons (cold and hot). The total and effective productivity of mini-cuttings were evaluated and the levels of chlorophyll A and B, total chlorophyll, height, leaf area, and dry matter of the mini-cuttings were determined. Together, season and use of the mini-tunnel influenced the productivity of the mini-cuttings of both clones. Use of the mini-tunnel resulted in high productivity, especially in the cold period. Mini-cuttings produced during the hot season showed greater growth, dry matter, and leaf area than those collected during the cold season. The use of mini-tunnels is an effective method to increase the productivity of clonal eucalyptus mini-gardens, as shown here by its overall positive influence on mini-cuttings of both genotypes.

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Vitória de Souza Canguçu
Miranda Titon
Luiz Filipe Maravilha Silva
Claudilene Aparecida Alves Pena
Sebastião Lourenço de Assis Júnior
Paulo Henrique Rodrigues dos Santos
Marcio Leles Romarco de Oliveira
de Souza Canguçu, V., Titon, M., Maravilha Silva, L. F., Alves Pena, C. A., Lourenço de Assis Júnior, S., Rodrigues dos Santos, P. H., & Romarco de Oliveira, M. L. (2023). ¿Los modelos de mini túnel influyen en la productividad de las minicepas de eucalipto?. Revista Bosque, 43(3), 211–219. Retrieved from https://revistabosque.org/index.php/bosque/article/view/344


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