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Jun 4, 2024
dry forest


In the Cazaderos parish located in the southwest of Ecuador, the goods and services offered by the dry forest were recognized, quantified and ranked. The proposed methodology started of the elaboration of a socioenvironmental diagnosis and the classification was made based on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA). According to the MEA classification three ecosystem services were determined of provision, regulation and cultural that the dry forest offers to the people of the Parish.  In the provision services they were identified: the availability of fresh water mainly for human consumption, timber forest products with endemic and representative species, and non-timber forest products (medicines, oils, fibers, dyes and crafts). As regulation services regulation storage of water in water recharge areas, and the protection of riparian zones were identified; as culturals highlights cultural heritage, ecotourism, ense of belonging and scenic beauty. Although these services provide multiple environmental benefits to the Parish there are negative factors such as of change in land use that alter its functionality. In this sense, given the importance that ecosystem services of the dry forest actions aimed at their protection and conservation are proposed.

Marjorie Cristina Díaz López
Gabriela Villamagua
Edwin Pacheco
Diana Ochoa
Jhulissa Quito
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Díaz López, M. C., Villamagua, G., Pacheco, E., Ochoa, D., & Quito, J. (2024). Ecosystem services the dry forest of the Cazaderos parish, Zapotillo canton, Loja province, Ecuador. Revista Bosque, 45(1), 195–204.


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