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Dec 31, 1991


Nothofagus antarctica (G. Forster) Oerst. is one of the most tolerant species of the Nothofagus genus. It shows great intraspecific differentiation as a response to the variable and extreme conditions of the environment where it is found. This variation is analyzed based on morphological techniques and analysis of the germination capacity of different populations in the northwest Patagonian Andes (Argentina). The results verified the low germination capacity of N. antarctica (less than 20%). The highest percentage of germination was reached by the northernmost sampled population (40° 32' S). This same population, belonging to the arboreous morphotype, had also the heaviest seeds. This situation can be related to optimum environmental conditions for the species.

Andrea C. Premoli
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Premoli, A. C. (1991). Morphology and germination capacity of Nothofagus antarctica (Forster) Oerst. in northwest Patagonian Andes. Revista Bosque, 12(2), 53–59. Retrieved from


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