Diversidad, estructura y salud del arbolado en áreas verdes de la ciudad de Texcoco, México

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Urbanization without proper planning is the cause of a number of ecological problems, including the degradation and loss of vegetation. The analysis of the diversity and structure of the trees is relevant due to its relationship with the health condition of the trees themselves and the consequent capacity to provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Trees in good conditions have a direct impact on issues of urban sustainability, planning and management. The study objective is to analyze the diversity and structure of tree vegetation located in green areas of the city of Texcoco de Mora, Mexico, and the relationship with its health condition, to provide planning and management recommendations. 21 green areas of the city were evaluated and a tree census was carried out. Richness and diversity indices were used to analyze tree vegetation, and chlorophyll fluorescence (Fv/Fm) as an indicator of health. 1.543 trees were recorded, identified 53 species grouped in 36 genera and 24 families. The richness and diversity index was different for each green area; the evaluation of the chlorophyll fluorescence indicated that most of the trees showed some type of stress. No relationship was found between the health condition of the tree species, and the richness and diversity found in the green areas of the city. However, there were significant differences at the level of types of green areas. The analysis of diversity and tree structure is fundamental in the planning and management of urban spaces.

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Luis Manuel Morales-Gallegos
Patricia Hernández de la Rosa
Armando Gomez Guerrero
Dionicio Alvarado Rosales
Luz de Lourdes Saavedra Romero
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Research Professor at the Posgrado Forestal at the Colegio de Postgraduados

Interested on issues about arboriculture and Urban forestry

Morales-Gallegos, L. M., MARTINEZ-TRINIDAD, T., Hernández de la Rosa, P., Gomez Guerrero, A., Alvarado Rosales, D., & Saavedra Romero, L. de L. (2023). Diversidad, estructura y salud del arbolado en áreas verdes de la ciudad de Texcoco, México. Revista Bosque, 44(2), 401–414. Retrieved from https://revistabosque.org/index.php/bosque/article/view/102


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